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Fire Sprinkler Design Services by Warp Drive Enterprises, Inc.

Fire Sprinkler Facts

Fire Sprinkler Design & Layout Services

Our staff of experienced, NICET certified fire sprinkler designers will get you the plans you need… when you need them! Our design team has more than 50 years experience in ALL phases and types of fire protection system design. From simple single-family residential systems to high-protection risk (HPR) systems, Warp Drive Enterprises can handle it all!

Commercial - NFPA 13 Standpipe - NFPA 14 Residential - NFPA 13D
Multi-Family - NFPA 13R Warehouse - NFPA 231 Storage - NFPA 231C
Fire Pumps - NFPA 20 Wet, Dry, Pre-Action Deluge, Antifreeze, Racks
Factory Mutual guidelines

Fire Sprinkler Design

All Fire Sprinkler plans are designed in AutoCAD utilizing HydraCAD Fire Sprinkler Design Software. Finished plans and the associated documents are provided in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, just drop them off at your favorite printer! No need for you to have an AutoCAD professional on site, WDEI IS YOUR AutoCAD PRO!

  • Initial Design and Layout -

  • By paying careful attention to architectural design and structural elements. and the location of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment, the fire sprinkler design team here at WDEI can save you time and money. Not only are these drawings designed to get you approved (the first time!), they are also designed to fit. Barring any significant changes to the structure or requirements, these drawings can become "shop drawings" in a very short time.

  • Shop Drawings -

  • We follow the same procedure in preparing shop drawings as we do to prepare initial fire sprinkler design layouts. Finished fire sprinkler plans are field-ready for installation. Dimensions, elevations, sections, details, and installation notes provide fitters with everything they need for a complete installation. Your field crew will spend more time hanging pipe and less time interpreting plans.

Hydraulic Calculation

We use HydraCAD's integrated calculation program HydraCALC to quickly calculate and size any type of fire sprinkler system. More than simply "plugging in numbers", our fire sprinkler designers will insure that you get the most efficient and cost effective fire sprinkler system possible. Reports are available in Adobe PDF format.

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review

WDEI gives you an expert, unbiased evaluation of a planned fire sprinkler system — before the building goes up or the system goes in. We offer expert assistance for building-code authorities and fire officials. NFPA standards for installation of sprinkler systems have become more complex. Technological advances in fire sprinkler equipment and design have increased the need for municipalities to have qualified personnel reviewing fire sprinkler drawings. Also, as communities, counties, and states adopt more stringent building codes, requiring more commercial buildings to install fire sprinklers, the number of required reviews continues to increase. WDEI's fire sprinkler plan review is a convenient way to outsource this vital community function.
You get:

  • review of fire sprinkler drawings and hydraulic calculations
  • verification of hydraulic designs and fire sprinkler system specifications
  • evaluation based on applicable NFPA standards and any local codes that may apply

Fire Sprinkler Consulting

Real World questions require real world answers. WDEI will provide unbiased information you can really use to resolve your Fire Protection issues. We not only understand the theory, we know how to apply it in the real world. We will make certain that in the end YOU understand what YOUR fire sprinkler system will do for YOU.

Fire Sprinkler Estimating

Fast...Detailed...Accurate. Streamline your bid process with WDEI's fire sprinkler estimating. Feel confident that your head count, pipe sizes and man-hours will reflect what it really takes to get the job done right... the first time. We don't do "canned or square foot" pricing, each individual project undergoes a preliminary fire sprinkler design to determine the exact number of fire sprinklers and pipe routes required. Preliminary calculations are performed to predict pipe sizes. Then the material components required for the project are then picked off to assure an accurate estimate. Multiple fire sprinkler system designs are typically compared to determine the most competitive design.
At the conclusion of this analysis the estimating team submits to you a written proposal indicating the scope of work to be completed, clarifications and exclusions, and a quoted sum for the work to be performed.

Fire Sprinkler Stocklisting

Any fire sprinkler system designed by WDEI can be stocklisted for you. Finished plans will include all main tags, line tags, and notes for your field personnel. As an option this information can be provided for you to do your own stocklist.

Fire Sprinkler Training

WDEI has trainers available for AutoCAD, Fire Sprinkler Design, Hydraulic Calculations, Fire Sprinkler Codes, and Fire Sprinkler Plan Review


You might think all this service would be outrageously expensive… but you will find our pricing very competitive and often below that of our competitors.

Call us today at 1-407-877-2828 for a quote on your next fire sprinkler project.

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