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Fire Sprinkler Design Services by Warp Drive Enterprises, Inc.

Fire Sprinkler Facts

We are Warp Drive Enterprises, Inc.

  Warp Drive Enterprises, Inc. was conceived in 1992. David Weed founded the company for the purpose of developing and marketing original artwork, while allowing a vehicle to operate his free lance drafting services. With the aid of several friends and family members, products were created and readied for the marketplace.

  Before sales of product were initiated, it was decided that in order to better facilitate the requirements of the business venture, a corporation must be formed. So, in 1994 Warp Drive Enterprises, Inc. became a Florida corporation.

  Sales went well, however at the time, Warp Drive Enterprises was a part time venture. It was impossible for the entrepreneur working a regular full-time job to market the artwork to it's full potential. While the early days were a struggle, two events would alter the course of the company and the man behind it.

  Still working a "regular job" Mr. Weed went to work for a small fire sprinkler company with "big" aspirations. Their Drafting Department still hadn't moved into the computer age. Shortly after Mr. Weed's arrival, management became intrigued by the marked increase in 'productivity" from the new guy with the computer. Soon Mr. Weed was teaching the rest of the staff his CAD techniques. Over the next 24 months the "little" company had nearly quadrupled its gross revenue and it's "bottom line", indeed it is now one of the major players in the fire sprinkler industry.. This eventually led to Mr. Weed taking his teachings on the road and showing others how to use the computer to draft at "Warp Speed".

  The second major event was the emergence of the Internet. Seeing an opportunity to market to the world, Warp Drive Enterprises went to work.

  In August 1998, it was decided that an online presence was warranted.. Taking the show "on the web" allowed the company to blossom into new directions. Several Internet stores were soon opened and Warp Drive became part of the Dot com boom. In January 2002, Warp Drive Enterprises successfully marketed several retail operations to other Internet entities as it changed it's focus to providing the Fire Sprinkler Industry with the services it needs, primarily Fire Sprinkler Layout and Design along with web design and hosting for Fire Sprinkler related entities.

  Today, Warp Drive Enterprises employs a staff committed to bringing quality Fire Sprinkler Layout and Design services to their customers with the highest level of service and professionalism. As we continue to expand, and continue bringing new ideas and new businesses to the Fire Sprinkler industry, you can rest assured that we will remain steadfast in that commitment.

The Staff at WDEI

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